Enrolment Information

Please come into the office to pick up an enrolment pack or download the form at the bottom of this page.  We have no zone, so feel free to pop in for a visit to find out further information.

The staff and Board at Pakuranga Heights School take pride in the fact that this school is a place where people feel welcome and secure. The pleasure and responsibility of belonging to the Pakuranga Heights family is something that we emphasize with the children and something that we hope that everyone who is a part of the school, including parents and caregivers, feels in a real way.

We believe it is important to educate our children to be strong in the basics of literacy and numeracy.  It is also important to understand and be capable of socializing well with others, developing strong values and enjoying learning – to have fun! Something that we emphasize with the children and we hope that everyone who is a part of the school, including parents and caregivers, feels in a real way.

Our curriculum is designed to emphasize reading, writing and visual literacy as well as develop strong numeracy skills, particularly in the Junior School (years 1-2). We apply a strong action-learning and research skills base to our learning and encourage children to use the many wonderful resources available to them – teachers, parents, books, computers and other technologies – to find the answers to questions and research information. As often as we can, we try to give the children real and relevant contexts for their learning, and this will often involve trips outside the classroom and the school. Within the school our teachers provide learning environments that are bright, interesting and stimulating – school needs to be a great place to be.

Our Bee Valued (BeeV) programme supports the learning environment and the way we care for each other. It is based on the Cornerstone Values programme and our senior students are expected to model these values to the younger ones. All children are expected to adhere to these. Our expectations for our children are high because we want them to be the best they can be. Our aim is to assist them to leave us well equipped for the life beyond our school and to look back on their years with us with warmth, appreciation and a sense that they have developed into  onfident, capable young people. 

Thank you for taking an interest in Pakuranga Heights School and welcome!


At all levels the first day of the school week is the sole starting day. For new entrants this will be the first day of the week following their 5th birthday. This organisation ensures the class teacher is fully prepared with books and furniture and there is little disruption for existing students.  In some cases interpreters need arranging.


The placement of students is dependent on roll numbers within each year group.  In 2014 the junior classes have straight year 0/1 and year 2 students.  In our middle (Years 3/4) and senior (Years 5/6) each class is a composite, combining both of these year levels. Our criteria for placing children in a particular room include:

  • gender balance
  • work habits
  • balance of abilities
  • equity of classes
  • balance of behaviour type
  • pupil / pupil compatibility
  • teacher / student compatibility
  • previous placement in composites
  • non-placement of siblings in the same room unless requested by parents

We endeavour to meet parent requests but the total school / class need will take priority over individual needs. Roll growth sometimes causes class continuity in new entrant rooms to be broken. In these rooms continuity is maintained until class size forces movement to other rooms.

New Entrants

For all New Entrant enrolments the procedure should be completed at least a month prior to starting day.  This includes:-

  • completing all necessary forms / paper work
  • meeting the Deputy Principal and class teacher
  • purchasing necessary stationery and paying school donations
  • arranging your pre-school visit days.

Children are encouraged to visit the school on the two Thursdays prior to enrolment, from 9.30-11am, and to start school on the Monday after their birthday.

We endeavour to keep Y0/1 class sizes to approximately 20.

Progress Through The School

  • Students who have completed 2 full years by 1st January will be promoted to Year 3. Those who have completed one year and eight months by 1st January will be considered for promotion, 1 May is the date that we look closely at for considering promotion. We decide based on social maturation and academic ability.
  • Once children have completed a year in Year 3 they are then promoted to Year 4 and are usually advanced to a new class each following year.
  • While acceleration may seem advantageous at the age of 6 or 7 years, it may cause social and emotional difficulties for the child on entry to secondary school when they are placed with others more mature.
  • Holding a child back because of lack of achievement may lead to frustration and behaviour problems due to the child working alongside others less mature physically, socially and emotionally. This will only be done with parent consultation. Research shows this is most damaging to students. At Pakuranga Heights School we believe in open dialogue with parents regarding level placement.

Class Sizes

  • Teachers are allocated to schools based on the roll numbers from the previous July. One must always be wary when listening to politicians statements regarding classroom numbers. They normally fail to mention that the ratios provided to schools include the Principal, Reading Recovery Teacher and any specialist teachers (Music, Phys Ed, ICT). So as soon as these staff are taken out of classrooms, the numbers of students in each class increases.
  • They also don't mention that the allocation of classrooms to schools is at a different ratio to the allocation of teachers.
  • At Pakuranga Heights School we aim for the following class sizes Y0/1 - 20; Y2/3 - 26; Y4-6 - 30. Achievement of this is not always possible and the normal cause for this is unexpected new enrolments after the school year commences.
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