Measurement & Geometry


 Animal Weigh in

Drag the weights on the empty
scale to weigh the animal.


Check my Weight

Can you read a scale?

Weigh it Up

Balance the scales with different shapes.




Converting Length, Weight and capacity


Area and Perimeter and Volume



Airlines Builder

Making Shapes on isometric paper

Shape Surveyor

Calculate the area of the shape
Area Explorer

What is the shapes area?
Area of Triangles



Volume Quiz

Perimeter and Area

Everything you wanted to know about perimeter and area.

Area Quiz

Perimeter quiz

Perimeter Explorer

What is the shapes perimeter?

Shape and Area

Perimeter and area









**Insect Co-ordinates**

**Billy Bug Co-ordinates**

**Dino Dig Co-ordinates**

Co-ordinate Game


Can you make the picture with the shapes?

Points of View

Can you draw a 3D shape from any side?

3D Boxes

How many cubes make up the 3D shape?

Sort the Triangles

Four piece TangramMove the shapes to make a tangram.

The Quadrilateral Sorter

Geometric Rainbow


Kung Fu Angles

Using Kung Fu to explore angles


Geometry Facts


Sort the Quadrilaterals

The Shape Tree


Angle Estimator

Can you guess which angle it is?

Fruit Picker

Hitting the Target

Using sports to explore angles


Isometric Drawing Tool


Using a Protractor

Learn how to use a protractor

Banana Hunt

Find the angle

Measuring Angles


Space Angles



Can you draw the angle?

**Burst the Bubbles**

Bike Hunt Co-ordinates


Hidden Craft



Symmetry Game

How many lines of symmetry does this shape have?

Symmetry Sorter

Which shapes are symmetrical?

Symmetry Artist



Stop the Clock

match the digital and analogue times


Reading Timetables

Clock Face

Can you put the time on the clock?


Matching Game

Match the digital and analogue times

24 Hour Time match up


Calculating Time





Can you fill it?

How much water does it take to fill the container?

Which contains more?

Which container has the most in it?


Problem Solving


Fire the Canon

Can you fire the canon on the correct angle to hit the target?

Making Measurements

Can you measure the correct amount?