Our School

Pakuranga Heights School is a decile 4, contributing primary school (Years 1-6) located in an established suburb of East Auckland.  Our current school roll ranges from 480-520 throughout the year with 3-4 classes at most levels of the school and a very multicultrual school population representative of all continents of the world.

We are proud of our multicultural makeup and the 'family feel' of the school, underpinned by the strong Values Programme and the comprehensive pastoral care system operating in the school.  We are developing inquiry learning and we focus heavily on the development of literacy and numeracy skills as priority at all levels.

Our students come to us with a willingness to learn, and are generally eager to please and are given opportunities for leadership.  This has been a traditional hall mark of the school and it results in a positive, vibrant tone and an envrionment where learning is enjoyed.  The longevity of staff associated with the school and well established traditions are aspects we value and celebrate.  Parents, children and staff tell us they feel valued here.  From this we have evolved our theme of  Bee Valued (or Bee V) which encompasses our strong behaviour management and values programme.  

The school's ground and buildings are an aspect in which we take extreme pride. We have a history of strong participation in cultural events in the community and with other schools.  Our students have the opportunity to participate in speech competitions, teachnology challenge events and the local dance festivals.  We have representative teams in all sporting codes: softball, hockey, soccer, netball, rugby, cross-country, athletics and participate in most field days arranged between local schools.

We have a wide range of learning support opportunities available for all students.  Children from other non-English speaking backgrounds are well catered for through our ESOL programmes.  We provide reading recovery, reading support programmes, speech therapy, and assistance in the classroom with teacher aide support.  We have an excellent relationship with support agencies, outside providers and our own learning assistants.  Within classrooms, teachers cater for talented students as part of the regular programme.  Teachers use achievement information to group students according to their ability in reading, writing and mathematics.  Students identified as having specific abilities are positive about school and enjoy the range of opportunities provided for them, both within the classroom programme and through extra-curricular activities.  Our values, team and full school assemblies are a special feature of the school and an opportunity for us to showcase our talented students to our families and wider community.

21st Century Learner

Over the last year the Board and senior leadership team have been committed to establishing multiple learning environments for 21st century learners. This includes investing in and the development of information and communication technologies. This professional support for inquiry learning has enabled teachers to personalise learning for students. This process helps teachers to continue to align curriculum delivery with the school’s vision for students to be self-directed learners who are skilled in making decisions about their own learning pathways.

Community Engagement

A key strategic emphasis has been to continue to enhance the community learning partnership.  A learning partnership with the school community is nurtured through regular effective communication, consultation and opportunities for involvement.  Useful information is shared with parents about how well their children achieve in comparison to National Standards and students and students goals are shared with parents during three way conferences. The goals are specific and achieveable and are revisited frequently in the context of classroom programmes.  Parents have appreciated being involved in their child’s learning. The Senior leadership team encourages ongoing, open dialogue with parents/caregivers. Teachers are committed to keeping parents informed about how well their children are achieving and developing.

Our facilities include:

  • New Library opened in 2010

  • Three playgrounds

  • Digital Projectors or ACTIVBoards in every classroom

  • Extensive courts and Astro-Turf

  • Hall- upgraded Jan 2016

  • Digital cameras in every classroom

  • 2 desk top computers in every classroom

  • 16 chromebooks in every middle and senior classrooms

  • Technology kits including- ozbots, spheros, and osmos
  • 5 ipads in every junior classroom