Newsletter – 29 July 2019

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A warm welcome to our many new families. We will be opening a new classroom shortly as a result of roll growth. During the past two weeks the new classrooms on the field have been sited and work has started on the decks and ramps. Over the next month the classrooms will be totally refitted to ensure top quality teaching and learning environments.

Traffic and Student Safety

Thank you for your patience during the busy drop off and pick up times. We appreciate that there is limited parking around the school so encourage children to use the walking school bus.

Mobility Parking and Regulations

We sometimes get complaints from parents about cars in the mobility parks who have a permit displayed but it is a family members or belongs to someone else. Below are the rules:-

  • Your permit can only be used by you.
  • Mobility parking permits are issued to a person, not a vehicle.
  • The permit should only be used if the permit holder needs to get in or out of a vehicle. If the permit holder is going to stay in the car, the vehicle must be parked in a standard parking space.
  • A permit cannot be loaned to anyone, even if the person is running an errand for the permit holder.
  • Permits can be cancelled if they are misused.
  • What can I use it for?  A permit allows you to park in mobility parking spaces and enjoy concessions in standard parking spaces. There are a range of concessions in each region so it is important to find out the rules in your local area.

Thank you

We value good manners and we love to praise children who say good morning, open doors, say please and thank you etc.  As a parent I always loved hearing that my children are polite, helpful etc as this was not always so evident at home. Last week some new parents were given a tour and so many students said hello, good morning and welcome. The visitors were very impressed. Thank you as you are obviously doing a great job raising amazing kids.

Upcoming events
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