Newsletter – 9 November 2020

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It is great to see the children respecting sun safe practices such as wearing hats or sunscreen. The weather is still changeable but it is definitely warming up so please continue to encourage your child to make use of the sun cream that is available in every class and bring a hat every day.

It is a busy time of the year as teachers’ are testing and analysing achievement and progress  in preparation for writing your child’s school report.

Road Crossing Adult Role Models
Please help us to keep your child safe before and after school by using the crossings. Daily we see parents calling or walking their children across the road not at the crossings, which is unbelievably dangerous and unnecessary. Staff, parents and students are giving up their time for road patrol to keep everyone safe so please ensure your children use the crossing so they are not putting themselves or others at risk.

In New Zealand, child pedestrian injuries is a leading cause of traffic related child deaths.


  • More than 5 child pedestrians are killed each year.
  • 100 children are hospitalised each year.
  •  School age kids (5- 9 year olds) are the most at risk.


Changes- After School Road Traffic Chaos on Udys Road
Since the Covid-19 lockdowns, the traffic after school has increased significantly. Last week the Auckland City Traffic Wardens advised us that the pick-up zone is unsafe as is causing traffic queues, as it is causing non-school traffic to go on the other side of the road to get through. We are working with the police to ensure a safe and legal solution. We will be trailing a few ideas before the end of the term so we can put them in place for the start of next year.

Staff News
We farewell Mrs. Carol Madden after 11 years. Carol has decided it is time for a change. Mrs Madden has been an amazing member of our team and will be missed by staff, students and the community.

We also farewell Mrs Theresa Louisson is retiring after an incredible teaching career. Theresa has made a huge difference to so many students and their families.

Staff 2021
Next year due to student numbers there will be separate Year 3 and Year 4 classes except for one class which will be a Year 3/4 class.

Fintan Kelly – Principal 

Deputy Principals – Mrs. Sue Kandasamy and Mrs Libby Slaughter

Junior School Team – Mrs. Claire Stretch – Team Leader
Year 1 – Mrs. Claire Stretch, Mrs. Emma Arthurs, Miss. Emma Parker, Mrs. Donna Hitchings
Year 2 – Mrs. Neva Bassingthwaite – Senior teacher, Miss. Brooke Neal, Mrs. Melissa Quinn, Miss. Priyanka Narayan – Senior teacher

Middle School Team Mrs. Deanne Williams -Team Leader
Year 3 – Mrs. Adele Hunkin, Miss. Taylor Gill, Miss. Chelsey Waters
Year 4 – Mr. Eruera Abraham, Miss. Leanne Su, Mr. Daniel Ward – Senior Teacher
Year 3/4 – Mrs Deanne Williams

Senior School Team – Mrs. Antonia Burton – Team Leader                                                  
Year 5/6
– Miss. Evelyn Madurai – Senior Teacher, Miss Phoebe Hawe,  Miss Vanessa Roscoe,  Mrs. Bronwyn Horne, Mr. Jack Hopkinson, Mrs. Vicki Vaevae

Specialist and Release Teachers
Mrs. Margaret Walker- SENCo and Student Support
Mrs. Libby Morar – Teacher Release
Mrs. Rinloo Danny – Reading Recovery and Teacher Release
Mrs. Kelly Robertson – Reading Recovery and Teacher Release
Mrs. Adeline Martin – Technology, Teacher Release 
Mrs. Antonia Burton – Teacher Release and Student Support

Student Support
Mrs. Margaret Walker SENCo- Learning Assistants Coordinator

Learning Assistants
Mrs. Liz Watene
Mrs. Jean Wilkinson
Mrs. Coralie Buchanan
Mrs. Chris Heaven
Miss. Nooriah Sayed
Mrs. Sinead Tyner
Miss. Ella Hazelman

Office Team – Mrs. Kristina Mahoney (Executive Officer), Mrs. Toni Christensen (Office Administrator), Mrs. Ariane Hodgetts (Office Accounts)

Property – Mr. Warren Mears

Sunshade and Middle School Playground Official Opening 
This will take place on Wednesday December 2nd at 9.30 am. You are welcome to attend to watch our kappa hake group perform as part of this ceremony.

There are only 46 days until Christmas Day. 

Fintan Kelly

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