Newsletter – 9 February 2021

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Welcome back to the start of an exciting year of learning, friendships and challenges for your child.



We welcome Miss Isobel Jacobs who will be teaching alongside Mrs Neva Bassingthwaite for Term 1 as part of Ministry of Education initiative to give new teachers a supportive start to their careers with experienced teachers.

We also welcome back Mrs Antonia Burton who will lead the senior school.


Student Support

If you have any questions or concerns regarding your child, the classroom teacher is your first point of contact. If you are still concerned, please see the team leader or Mrs Margaret Walker whose responsibilities include behaviour and learning needs.

If you have any concerns regarding health, custody issues, special needs, or require support with attendance or behaviour issues, please make an appointment with Mrs Margaret Walker. For questions on the curriculum or assessment, please make an appointment with Mrs Sue Kandasamy.


What will happen if there is another Covid-19 outbreak?

Whilst we cannot control whether we will go into another lockdown we are prepared.  We have packs for each year level ready to go home. These include books, pens and work for approximately 2-3 weeks. We hope that never eventuates.


Property Update

Hall Reclad

The hall is getting an outside makeover this year to replace damage due to leaks.  The hall is in need of significant repair. We will however, look at upgrading the toilets, heat pumps and new hall kitchen at the same time. No finalised date has been set as plans are going into council then tenders go out etc so we will keep you informed. This will not affect Before or After School Care Programmes as these will continue to operate but from another space.

Tissue Dispensers – Promoting Healthy Habits

These are in every room to help with kids with runny noses to help reduce the spread of coughs and Covid -19. We will be revisit good hygiene practices to avoid the transfer of germs and especially Covid-19 

Thank you to Mr Mears for ensuring our school looks attractive, clean, tidy and safe. Mr Mears takes great pride in what he does and this is evident in the lovely school environment he maintains for the community.

Thank you to our office staff of Kristina, Toni and Arianne who have been working hard to ensure a smooth start to the school year. If you have any questions regarding stationery, uniforms or payments please see our friendly team.

Rooms 18 and 19 and Senior School Toilets

These are getting a complete overhaul this year. All permissions etc take a long time with the Council, builders are busy so impossible at this stage to set a date but it will be this year.

Cricket Nets

These are being built behind Room 22. A great use of space that was redundant due to having to move the new classrooms after the fire off the school boundary. The idea was Mr Jack Hopkinson’s and Mr Daniel Ward’s, they both have worked hard to make it a reality for the students.



School sun hats are compulsory during Term 1 if the children are playing outside.  The school provides free sunscreen in all classes and we now have some great sunshade areas.


School Uniform

It is expected that all students wear the correct school uniform. This includes hats, trousers etc. Thank you for your support.


Teacher Only Days

Last week we spent two full days planning the year ahead as well as team building activities.


Drop off/Pick up zones

Please note that we are continuing with the restricted access to the pick up zone in front of the school this year and please ensure you don’t park in the clearway zone on Udy’s Road, from the roundabout Reeves Road to the church opposite the school – tickets were issued last year to vehicles parking there.


Lost Property

The lost property bin is located on the deck by the Parent and Whanau Centre.  Please encourage your children to look there as often they have left their clothing on the playground or field and gone back to class.


Term Dates –Start and Finish Times the Reasoning Behind What We Do?

You may be wondering why we finish late in the year and start later than some schools.

Schools and kura (Māori Medium schools) have some flexibility around their start and finish dates. Terms 2 and 3 are fixed. Essentially, if you finish late in one year you start later in the New Year, but all schools must be open the same total amount of days per year. Most school terms are 10 weeks. Public holidays generally fall in the school holidays.

In our last community survey parents overwhelmingly supported a late finish and a late start. Many appreciated the opportunity to work up to Christmas and the chance to enjoy our summer which seems to be getting later and longer.

Please feel free to come and ask me or one of the senior team any questions or wonderings that may arise.


Sausage Sizzle & Hamburger Days

Every Friday we alternate between Sausage Sizzle and Hamburger Days.  You can either order online through this saves the hassle of being in a queue on Friday mornings or from the school office from 8:30am to 9:00am on Friday morning.  This year we will commence on Friday, 19 February starting with Sausage Sizzle Day.

The costs are:
$2.00 meat or chicken sausage in a slice of bread (tomato sauce optional)
$2.00 Lemonade Ice Block

$3.00 beef or chicken burger (add cheese for an additonal .50cents)

Generosity and Kindness

Last year Stephen Pragash Anthony presented at his graduation assembly, his two money boxes, with his parents blessing, as a thank you to the school. The total in the boxes was an incredible $500.90. Our student leaders will be able to use this money to buy something for the students. We were blown away by this act of generosity and selflessness by Stephen and it was obvious to see his parents were so proud of him.  Once the team leaders decide how best to use this money, we will let you know.

Enjoy this amazing run of fine weather.



Fintan Kelly
Upcoming events

Cultural Evening 2021

We are very excited to announce our school will be holding a cultural evening on Thursday 25th March from 5.30pm until approximately 7.15pm. 

This is an extravaganza of cultural performances by our wonderful students and local talent.

The evening will include a cultural parade, dance items, singing, kapa haka performances and much more.

This year, we are having a “picnic in the park” theme, so bring along the whole whanau, picnic blanket, picnic dinner and get ready to be entertained.  Arrive early to find a picnic spot. On the night there will be a sausage sizzle, coffee cart, and drinks for sale. 

All students are expected to attend and perform on the night.  Please let your classroom teacher know by the end of Week 2 if your child is unable to attend. 

More detailed information will be provided to you in the coming weeks.

Kapa Haka title

A fabulous performance by our Kapa Haka kids at 2020 graduation ceremony

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