Newsletter – 31 May 2021

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This week we celebrate Samoan language week. It is hard to believe that we are half way through the year. It is a busy time as teams are involved in interschool sport and events at school.

What is Samoan Language Week?

Samoa Language Week – Vaiaso o le Gagana Sāmoa is the celebration of Samoan culture and language and aims to encourage New Zealanders to learn and experience some of it.

Why do we celebrate Samoan Language Week?

Samoan make up the largest group of Pacific Islanders living in New Zealand so it’s very important to recognise and commemorate their heritage. There are around 150,000 people residing in NZ who identify as Samoan.

Samoan Language Week gives students of all backgrounds the chance to learn some basic Samoan and gives students who speak Samoan the opportunity to share their knowledge in the classroom. There are also community events that take place across New Zealand to celebrate it. 

When is Samoan Language Week?

In 2021, Samoan Language Week starts on the 30 May and finishes on the 5 June.

In case you have not had a chance to open the Signmee notice last week we have made two significant appointments.

Middle School Team Leader Position
Mrs. Roshilla Naicker is currently a team leader at Papatoetoe Central School. Roshilla is an experienced team leader and brings with her not only experience as well as a vast array of skills and knowledge. Roshilla will teach in Room 12.

Deputy Principal Position
Mrs. Monique Browne is currently a team leader at Kohimarama School and within school leader for her Community of Learning. Monique is also the schools Digital Capabilities Leader. We believe we have appointed someone whom we will help continue our communities drive for continual improvement. Monique will start at the beginning of Term 

Lost Property
There are a number of jerseys in the lost property box. Generally, if your child is missing their jumper it is in either the school bag area, classroom, hall or lost property. Please help us buy making sure all school items are clearly named.

School Visit by Simeon Browne MP
This Friday Simeon will be visiting our school for a tour of our school, meet and staff and children.

Walking is good for your children
Advice from the Education Team, Business Support Unit, City Environment Group Christchurch)

Children who walk regularly:
– Build and maintain healthy bones and muscles.
– Increase their flexibility and stamina.
– Maintain a more healthy weight.
– Reduce feelings of stress and anxiety.
– Increase their ability to concentrate and remember.
– Enjoy all forms of physical exercise (including sports) more.
– Have better sleep patterns.
– Develop healthy exercise habits that could last a lifetime.

Children can walk further than you think
Most healthy children of school age should be able to walk 15–30 minutes at a time without difficulty. With most children in urban areas living within a two-kilometer radius of their local school, it is reasonable to walk to and from school.

Children who are only beginning to be physically active should be given small walking goals to achieve, to build up their stamina gradually

Stages of development
Children 4–6 Years – Walk together
– They have limited judgment and concentration span.
– They cannot gauge the speed of oncoming traffic, or pick safe places to cross.
– They can be impulsive.

Children 7–9 Years – Teach them lifelong skills
– They still need adult supervision.
– They can identify safe crossing sites with help and practice.
– They can be taught how to identify traffic and stay focused while crossing the street.

Children 10+ Years – Increase their independence
– They can be granted some independence when they repeatedly demonstrate safe behaviour.
– They still require supervision and instructions in complex, busy traffic situations.
– As children grow, revisit road safety issues often.

Children do what you do
Children learn by watching others, especially you, as their parent or caregiver.
– Obey all traffic signs and signals.
– Cross at the school patrol when it’s operating, and never cross downstream of a patrolled crossing.
– Look for vehicles exiting driveways – be aware that the vision of drivers may be restricted, and they may not see people, particularly children, on the footpath.
– Remember that drivers are not obliged to stop at courtesy crossings, so these should be treated like any other part of the road.
– Check for vehicles coming in all directions, including turning vehicles, at intersections.
– Avoid crossing from between parked cars – you may be able to see oncoming traffic but your children cannot, and drivers cannot see them.
– Wear clothing that increases your visibility to drivers. Avoid wearing dark clothing at night

Thank you to everyone for ensuring all children are safe by respecting the road rules and using the correct parking areas. It is frustrating to see parents not using the crossing please reminder children do what you do.

Teacher Only Day 
Advance warning – our next teacher only day is Friday August 27th.  Please make a note in your diaries.

Early Arrivers
For all children arriving early to school, please note for the winter months ahead, the new area to go to is the “TLC” Cloud (middle school).   Playground out of bounds.

A big congratulations to Lulu Latu, Penioni Cagilaba, Sophia King and Robbie Moaho


What is the AGM?
The AGM (annual general meeting) is a meeting when the PTA offers the community a summary of our activities for the previous year and an accounting of the money given by parents in various fundraising events that we have run.

It is also an opportunity to elect the committee and for other people to become involved. Some positions are becoming available at our upcoming AGM – please see above. 

Roles within the PTA

The Chairman
This person has been chosen by all members of the Association to be a leader and manager.  They secure participation, co-operation, harmony, and a sense of responsibility from the members to display initiative, working spirit and ability. The President aims to have a complete knowledge of the organisation and its possibilities, its aims and methods, its history, members, and spirit. 

The Secretary
The two main jobs of the secretary are to keep the official records of meetings through minutes and to deal with all inward and outward correspondence. 

The Treasurer
The treasurer administers the funds of the organisation. They receive and disburse funds on behalf of the organisation and are responsible for accurate financial recording keeping. 

Other volunteers that help when and as is needed to deliver the various tasks of the PTA.

Save the date! The Term 2 school mufti-day and disco is coming this Friday 2nd July! 

Whether you are feeling a little bit wacky – like you want to wear someone else’s clothes OR a little bit wonderful – because you are feeling extra posh, fancy, or beautiful this day is for you.

PHS discos are always such a fun event we hope you can all make it. 

Junior School Disco
3.00pm – 4.15pm (pre-schoolers welcome)

Middle & Senior School Disco 
4.30pm – 6.00pm 

Tickets available for purchase via:
Kindo ( from 9:00am Friday, 18 June to 9:00am Thursday, 1 July 
In Class (Friday 2 July – correct cash only – please put money in an envelope with your childs name and room number) 

We look forward to seeing you all then!



How many jellybeans are in the jar? Guess correctly and the jar is yours! Guesses are $0.50 per guess can be made via house captains in the school office Monday, 21st June – Friday, 2nd July | 8.30am – 8.50am. 

Parent helpers, we need YOU! 
The PHS Term 2 disco will be taking place on Friday 2nd July.   PTA staff have been working hard behind the scenes to make this an unforgettable one for the kids, but we need your help to make it happen. 

Every little bit helps! We are looking for parents to help us with the following: 

  • Setup during school hours on disco day
  • Selling food & drinks (Junior & Senior)
  • Showing off your BBQ skills (Junior & Senior)
  • Helping to tidy and pack up at the end.

If you think you might be able to help – even for half an hour – please email me at

Many thanks in advance. 

Upcoming events

House Captain title

Room 23 were learning to write an acrostic poem. The topic was weather and students had to use descriptive language e.g. powerful verbs and nouns in their writing.
This is Reegan’s acrostic poem.
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