Level 4 Lockdown

Dear Parents

Tonight our nationwide Level 4 Lockdown begins which means that school will remain closed for a week.

The teachers have prepared ‘Learning at Home’ opportunities and will be communicating these to parents and children.  

The Ministry of Education have also designed a new website called ‘Learning from Home’ which is a great resource for parents.  TV programmes are still available on TV on demand and will assist with home learning.  

Please be mindful that there is no expectation for parents to replicate the school environment.  We are all aware of the magnitude of this challenging time we are facing and do not want to put added stress on parents and families.  Be consistent, creative and value this opportunity to spend time together as a family and make learning fun!

Staff are here for you and will answer any questions you have and will be in regular contact.

Stay safe

Fintan, Sue and Monique