Classes returning to onsite learning from Monday, 22nd November

Classes returning to onsite learning from Monday, 22nd November

On Monday, we welcome up to 5 classes for one day per week plus the children already in the four bubble classes.

Next Thursday we will send an updated timetable for the following week, as we may be able to increase the number of days your child can attend school. The day allocated already will stay the same but one extra day per week may be available.

Monday – these classes only

Room   3 –   Mrs. Donna Hitchings

Room   7 –   Mrs. Melissa Quinn

Room 11 –   Mrs. Adelle Hunkin

Room 13 –   Miss. Taylor Gill

Room 22 –   Mr. Jack Hopkinson


Tuesday – these classes only

Room   1 –  Mrs. Emma Arthurs

Room   5 –  Miss. Isobel Jacobs

Room 15 –  Mr. Eru Abraham

Room 20 – Miss Vanessa Roscoe


Wednesday – these classes only

Room   4 –    Mrs. Claire Stretch

Room 10 – Mrs. Lisa Stafford

Room 14  –    Miss. Chelsey Waters

Room 17 –    Mr. Daniel Ward

Room 19 – Miss. Phoebe Hawe


Thursday – these classes only

Room 2 – Miss. Emma Parker

Room 6 – Miss. Brooke Neale

Room 16  –  Mrs. Leanne Elazegui

Room 18 –   Miss. Evelyn Madurai

Room 23 – Mrs. Vicki Vaevae


Friday – these classes only

Room   8  – Miss Priyanka Narayan

Room   9  –     Mrs. Vanessa Pederson

Room 12  –     Mrs. Roshilla Naicker

Room 21 –     Mrs. Bronwyn Horne


Entering School
We ask students to arrive from 8.30 am through the front main gate only.  Please keep your distance from other people if waiting. Students will go straight to their class. We ask parents to be mindful of social distancing and only to come on site if necessary. Masks worn on the school grounds by all parents and by Year 4, Year 5 and Year 6 students.

Leaving School – Staggered times
Children can leave school from 2.30 pm to 3.00 pm. The senior management team will be on the main gates at the front of the school. The back gate will not be open.

Junior and middle school students at 2.30 pm
They will leave via the gate by the library. To avoid the mixing of groups we ask if possible that you organise a prearranged spot outside the school to meet your child, however, parents you are welcome to wait on the astro-turf, socially distanced e.g. 2 metres. 

Senior students and Bubble Classes at 2.40 pm.
They will leave through the main gate and will wait on the senior tar seal area.

If your child is walking home, please ask them to inform their teacher

If your child is walking home 
Please ensure your child knows what time they should leave school e.g. 2.30 pm or 3.00 pm.

There will be no supervised road patrols at the school crossings.

Please check with your child’s teacher the requirements for the day e.g. Drink bottle, sunhat, etc.

Please contact your child’s teacher or us if you have any questions.

Questions and answers

If I change my mind about sending my child to school is that ok?    
Yes, the decision is totally yours. Please inform your child’s teacher or the school office.

Will the school close if there is another Covid case?     
It is unlikely, the only reason the school closed last time was so many staff were possible contacts and so we did not have the staffing to continue. The classes will not be mixing therefore if a case eventuates it will only affect the class that the child was in at the time.

If my child is in a bubble class can they join their class on their designated day?  
Unfortunately no, the Director of Education has made this very clear that under no circumstances can they join.

Are all staff vaccinated? 
Yes, all staff have to prove they are vaccinated and have a recent negative Covid-19 test before they are allowed onsite.

Can I pick my child(ren) up earlier?   
Yes, please just ring the office and we will arrange to have them at the gate waiting.

Do adults have to wear a mask and sign or scan in?     

Will the days that my children attend be increased to possibly two days a week?       
We will review how the students and staff are managing with the health and safety requirements e.g. learning spaces, break times, distancing etc. We will make a decision on Thursday November 25th, if we increase the classes onsite for the following week. We are hoping we will be able to do so.   

Will online learning continue? 
Yes, on the days the classes are not at school.

What should my child bring to school for their day onsite?   
Food, drink bottle, sunhat and a mask (Year 4 up). Your child’s teacher will also let them know if they need to bring anything else. Please do not bring devices as they are for online learning at home.

What if my child in Year 1, Year 2 or Year 3 wants to wear a mask?   
Any child is welcome to wear a mask.

What if my child is in Year 4, Year 5 or Year 6 and does not want to wear a mask? 
Unfortunately, unless they have an official exemption they cannot be at school.  I sent out information about how to obtain an exemption in a previous Signmee notice.

What if my child suffers from hayfever, will they be sent home due to a runny nose etc?    
No, but please inform your child’s teacher who will let the office staff know. Your child will need to go home if showing one or more of the following and if not hayfever:

  • a new or worsening cough
  • sneezing and runny nose
  • a fever
  • temporary loss of smell or altered sense of taste
  • sore throat
  • shortness of breath

Thank you for the many positive messages to staff, a few kind words go a long way.

Stay safe

Fintan, Sue and Monique