Newsletter – 13th December 2021

Dear Parents

Hard to believe Christmas is on the doorstep.

I am proud to say that every day before lockdown we saw your children upholding the school values, reflected in the way they interact with each other, adults and
visitors to the school. To all our wonderful student leaders who stood out on crossing duty in all types of weather to ensure students cross the road safely, the students who were monitors, leaders or helped in any way to make this a great school, we are very proud of you.

As this is the last newsletter for 2021 there are a few people I would like to thank for
their work this year:

To the Board of Trustees, thank you for your support and guidance over probably the most unusual and challenging year we have ever experienced.

To the PTA, our sincere thanks for your many contributions of time and energy.

To all our parent helpers, thank you for your involvement and post Covid support.

To all our dedicated staff who have gone the extra mile with online learning and prior to lockdown helping with community events, teaching, assisting children, school environment, sport, gardens etc.

Thank you all.  May you have a relaxing and enjoyable Christmas with your families.

School this week – 9 am until 2.30 pm
Tuesday – Middle School students only plus bubble classes
Wednesday – Junior School students only plus bubble classes
Thursday – Senior School students only plus bubble classes
Friday – No students, staff only

Reports, Devices, Library books, Reading Books and Student Stationery
Thank you to everyone who was able to make it along. Everyone respected rules around wearing masks and distancing etc. If you were unable to make it on Friday
and your child is coming in this week then your child will be given their report etc to bring home. If your child is not coming to school this week please call the office: Ph: 576 9209 for a contactless pick up.

Staffing 2022

Year 6 Graduation Assembly and Duty Awards
The Year 6 Graduation Assembly and Duty Awards will start at 9:30am on Thursday 16th December.

This assembly will be livestreamed for parents and whanau to view live, and recorded if you would like to view at a later date. The livestream link will be
sent to parents on Wednesday 15th December, if you have not received the link by 2:00pm on Wednesday please contact your child’s teacher for it to be resent to you. The link to view the recorded assembly will be sent out by Friday morning.

All students attending this assembly need to be at school by 9:00am on Thursday morning in full school uniform. If your child is leaving directly after the assembly they will be ready to be collected at 11:00am at the front gate. If you would like your child to walk home at 11:00am please email the class teacher or send a note with your child to confirm this arrangement. If your child is staying for the fun afternoon they may bring a change of clothes for the afternoon.

Academic Awards
We have been asked why we haven’t awarded academic awards this year.  These are our main reasons:
● the length of time of the lockdowns (see timeline of Covid disruptions below)
● lack of valid academic data disruptions that the students and teachers have endured this year.
● students were unable to fully engage online for a number of reasons such as poor internet, lack of devices in the house, overcrowding, varied student/parental engagement, families juggling other children, or jobs etc.
● we cannot judge where students are at if they are disadvantaged by factors outside of their control.
● local schools with a similar community are also not awarding academic awards this year for the same reasons.
14 February 2021 – Auckland moved to Alert Level 3 at 11:59pm.
17 February 2021 – Auckland moved to Alert Level 2 at 11:59pm.
22 February 2021 – Auckland moved to Alert Level 1 at 11:59pm.
28 February 2021 – Auckland moved to Alert Level 3 at 6am.
7 March 2021 – Auckland moved to Alert Level 2 at 6am.
12 March 2021 – Auckland moved to Alert Level 1 at midday.
17 August 2021 – All of New Zealand moved to Alert Level 4 at 11:59pm.
21 September 2021 – Auckland and Upper Hauraki moved to Alert Level 3 at 11:59pm.
5 October 2021 – Alert Level 3 restrictions in Auckland were eased from 11:59pm.
9 November 2021 – Auckland moved to Alert Level 3 Step 2 at 11:59pm.
2 December 2021 – All of New Zealand moved to the COVID-19 Protection Framework except schools, also known as the traffic lights.

There is no denying this has been a terrible year for all students, staff and the community.

Vaccinations for children aged five to 11-years-old

This is from the Ministry of Education:

Independent safety regulator Medsafe is currently considering an application to use a child version of the Pfizer vaccine for five to 11-year-olds. We can expect a
decision soon. Pending the decision made by Medsafe, Cabinet may be in a position to consider vaccinations for children before Christmas.  Health officials are therefore planning for a rollout starting early next year. Although timing has not been decided, it is expected it would begin before the end of January. Current plans are to use the existing health sector infrastructure such as GPs, pharmacies and vaccination clinics, as well as working with iwi, DHBs, local providers, communities and the Ministry of Education to ensure a whānau-based approach.

Children and tamariki under 12 years old can only be vaccinated with the consent of their parent or caregiver. The Government encourages whānau to discuss
vaccination so that everyone understands the decision they are making.

Here are some sites recommended by the Government about COVID-19 vaccines, you can access information from the following sources:
● COVID-19 vaccines | Unite against COVID-19
● COVID-19 vaccines | Ministry of Health NZ
● Karawhiua – Protect Communities from COVID-19
● Information for Pacific Peoples | Unite against COVID-19
● The Immunisation Advisory Centre

We will share information and guidance around vaccines for students as we receive it .

Road Patrol Start of Year Reminder
Due to the lockdown, road patrol training has not been able to occur. We have managed to book the Police Education Officer for late February. We need our
teachers to be in class with their students especially after this year so we need your help. We need parents who are able to commit to one morning per week in February 8.30 am until 8.55 am or an afternoon 2.55 pm until 3.15 pm. Essentially, it is just making sure the traffic stops before children cross the road.
If you can help we would love to hear from you. Please email Miss Vanessa Roscoe who is our Roadsafe coordinator:

2022 Information Reminders
First day of school 2022 – Tuesday February 8th
The Traffic Light System will be in place for the start of the year. A newsletter will be sent out closer to school opening once we know exactly what CPF setting we are at with more detail about what to expect on day one.

School start and finish dates explained.
Key features of the current model used for setting school terms and holidays
● Schools are able to choose a start date between Auckland Anniversary Day (the Monday closest to 29 January) and the day after Waitangi Day (6 February) and end no later than 20 December in any year.
● In most years, the first school holidays are timed to include the Easter break.
● There are 40 school weeks per year. Some terms are 9 weeks, 10 weeks or 11 weeks depending where the holidays fall eg: Easter.

Holiday Office Hours Reminder
The office will be open from Monday 24th January from 9.00 am until 3:00pm each day.

Uniform Shop Hours Reminder
The uniform shop will be open on:
Wednesday 26th and Thursday 27th January – Hours: 9.00 am – 12 noon
Wednesday 2nd and Thursday 3rd February. – Hours: 9.00 am – 3.00pm

Stationery 2022 Reminder
All stationery except Year 1 ‘New to School’ can be purchased at OfficeMax MySchool website.  If your child has unused stationery from this year, and these items are on the class list for next year, you will have the option to reduce the order on the Officemax website.

If you do not wish to order online, then a limited number of classroom full stationery packs can be purchased from the office during the above holiday office hours.

Last Day For All Students – Thursday November 16
The last day for all students this year. Year 5 and Year 6 students will be at school as well as the normal bubble classes. Staggered pick up time will be as normal from 2.30pm

Fintan Kelly