Newsletter – 25th July 2022


Dear Parents

Welcome back and a very warm welcome to all our new families. We also welcome back Mrs Wendy Morgan who will be opening a new entrant class. Until Room 18 and Room 19 are finished we are short of classrooms so Room 3 will open in the library, hopefully only for a term or less. 

Board of Trustees Election Reminder


Close at noon on Friday 5 August 2022.

Why join a school board? 

School board members are active leaders in our schools. They have an important role of supporting strong professional leadership and ensuring effective teaching for all students through informed governance.

Parents/caregivers and people in the wider community can be parent representatives. School boards need to represent the diversity of their school communities to ensure a bright future for all our children.

The school board elections are the opportunity to vote for candidates who will make a positive difference for children’s education. We need more people willing to use their skills and experiences for the benefit of students!

– Lorraine Kerr, NZSTA President

Please feel free to contact Sue Kandasamy who is the current staff representative myself or any Board member if you have any questions about this great opportunity.

Traffic and Student Safety

Thank you for your patience during the busy drop off and pick up times. Please make sure you check any parking limits as the council do not hesitate to issue fines but most importantly the parking regulations are there to keep your children safe.

Mobility Parking and Regulations

We sometimes get complaints from parents about cars in the mobility parks who have a permit displayed but it is a family member or belongs to someone else. 

Below are the rules.                                                                                                                        

Your permit can only be used by you.

Mobility parking permits are issued to a person, not a vehicle. The permit should only be used if the permit holder needs to get in or out of a vehicle.

If the permit holder is going to stay in the car, the vehicle must be parked in a standard parking space. 

A permit cannot be loaned to anyone, even if the person is running an errand for the permit holder.

Permits can be cancelled if they are misused. 

What can I use it for?                                                                                                                         

A permit allows you to park in mobility parking spaces and enjoy concessions in standard parking spaces. There are a range of concessions in each region so it is important to find out the rules in your local area.

Thank you

We value good manners and we love to praise children who say good morning, open doors, say please and thank you etc. As a parent I always loved hearing that my children are polite, helpful etc as this was not always so evident at home. We have had to use a number of new relievers last term due to Covid and all of them have commented on our great kids and staff. Thank you as you are obviously doing a great job raising amazing kids. 

Covid Protection Protocols Continue

Please click on this link below

We did notice some parents not wearing masks in the school grounds near the end of last term.  We ask that you please follow our protection protocols as this will help keep everyone safer.  

How effective are masks against the spread of COVID-19? 

 Wearing masks can significantly reduce new cases of COVID-19 and works alongside other measures including:

  • vaccination
  • good ventilation
  • staying at home when feeling sick
  • washing your hands
  • thorough hygiene measures, to protect students and staff.   

For information on how to slow the spread of COVID-19 and stay safe: 

Keep up healthy habits – Unite Against COVID-19


Teacher Absence due to Covid or Other illness

Last term we like most schools were hit pretty hard with Covid or flu related absences and a teacher shortage made for a difficult term. The predictions from the experts suggest we are in for another wave of covid and flu illnesses over the next term.  

During Term 1 and Term 2 staff and students were amazing coping with split classes, relievers etc . We acknowledge that whilst staff absence due to sickness is unavoidable the ripple effect is reflected in disrupted learning, bigger classes when classes split, added stress, extra duties for staff onsite and the financial costs of relievers. Whilst we try to manage each situation there have been times we have been close to sending classes home as we can’t get relievers.

Looking Ahead

We appreciate sending students home is highly disruptive and would be a last resort. In the event it does happen we have learning packs ready for each year level.

Message From The Secretary of Education

Challenges due to COVID-19 and winter illnesses

We know many schools and kura are facing staffing challenges due to COVID-19 and winter illness. The go-to solution of bringing in relievers to cover for absence may not currently be an option, due to high demand.

You are best placed to make operational decisions about your school or kura. If you are unable to operate safely due to staff shortages, we acknowledge you may need to move to offsite or hybrid learning. 

What happens if my child is sent home?

This will be a last resort measure. We will look to get a reliever and/or split classes first.  If it does eventuate we will try and give as much notice as possible, at least 24 hours notice.  Learning packs and online activities will be available. 

If my child’s class is sent home will Pukeko Day Care be available to supervise my child?

No, your child will have to stay home. This is not available during school days. 

What next?

We will endeavour to give at least a day’s notice if we need to send students home. We hope this won’t happen but we ask you to plan for your child’s supervision just in case.

Free Flu Jabs for Children 

Children aged 3 to 12 years old can get a free flu vaccination from their GP, healthcare provider or at most pharmacies from this Friday 1 July.

Most children aged 9 years and over need one vaccination each year to get good protection against flu. 

If you have a child under 9 years old, talk to your healthcare provider as they may need one or two vaccinations depending on whether they’ve had a flu vaccine before.

If your child has recently had COVID-19 they can have a flu jab as soon as they’ve recovered.

Teacher Only Day Reminder

This will take place on Friday August 19th which means there is no school for students on this day. School will be closed but the Pukeko After School Care Programme will be operating.

School Zone Update

The Ministry of Education are apparently close to finalising the draft zone for the schools in our area. They intend to consult all the school communities for feedback early this term. The expectation is the zone will be in place for 2023. 

Education Review Office Partnership

This term during Week 4 and Week 5, I will be visiting and reviewing the same schools in Dargaville and Great Barrier Island as part of their review process. Mrs Sue Kandasamy will be leading the school in my absence


A reminder, please do not hesitate to contact your child’s teacher or one of the senior team should you have any questions, concerns or bouquets. 

Fintan, Sue and Monique