Our Board Members from 2019-2022 are:

  • Chairperson: Mrs Fiona Bailey
  • Mrs Rachel Makata
  • Mr Matt Franetovic
  • Mr Matt Robertson
  • Mr Alex Winter
  • Principal: Mr Fintan Kelly
  • Staff Representative : Mrs Sue Kandasamy

State schools in New Zealand have a board of trustees (BOT). The BOT is the Crown entity responsible for governance and control of the management of the school, and are accountable for the school’s performance.

The BOT is responsible for determining the strategic direction in which the school is heading (in consultation with parents, staff and students). The board must also ensure that its school provides a safe environment and quality education for all its students.  Boards are also responsible for overseeing the management of personnel, curriculum, property, finance and administration.

The Principal is the board’s chief executive in relation to the school’s control and management. The Principal is required to comply with the board’s general policy directions; but has complete discretion to manage the school on a day to day basis.

Who is on the BOT?
At Pakuranga Heights School, our Board is made up of:

  • The Principal of the school
  • One elected staff representative
  • Five parent elected trustees
  • Co-opted trustees (as needed)

Trustees are elected by the parent community and staff members.  Elections for parent and staff trustees are held every three years (next elections in 2016).  A by-election can occur at any stage in the 3 year election cycle if an elected trustee resigns from the board and thereby creates a casual vacancy.

What does the BOT do?
Every Board must prepare and maintain a School Charter. The purpose of a School Charter is to establish the mission, aims, objectives, directions, and targets of the Board in relation to the Government’s national education guidelines (NEGs), national administration guidelines (NAGs) and the Board’s local priorities.

The school board has the overall responsibility for the school, including meeting certain legal obligations, responsibility for property, personnel, financial management, reporting to the Ministry and school community, and meeting national requirements set by the Ministry of Education.

The BOT makes decisions that the Principal and staff then put in place. It must also monitor and report annually on its progress towards those goals.

BOT Meetings…
Boards typically meet once a month between February and December. Meetings are open to the public, however, they are not public meetings where everyone has the right to speak. Speaking rights can be granted in advance by the Board Chair. Sometimes parts of Board meetings are closed to the public when the board is discussing confidential matters. BOT members are also involved in Board sub-committees which meet as required to discuss issues. Recommendations from these meetings are presented to the full board for approval.

Can I get involved?
Standing for the BOT is a great way to get involved in your child’s education. Training and support are available to make carrying out this responsibility easier.

Elections are run every three years and in order to stand for the board you must confirm that to the best of your knowledge you are eligible to be a school trustee. The website of the New Zealand School Trustees Association (NZSTA) has and excellent website with lots of great information for current or potential trustees.

If you are interested in standing for election, a good idea is to talk to a current BOT member. You may also like attend a couple of BOT meetings to get a better idea of what goes on at the meetings and about the responsibility involved.





Meet the Board of Trustees

Mrs Fiona Bailey

I have been on the board for the past six years in the role of Treasurer and the role of Chairperson for the last three years.  

My husband Ross and I have had children, Daniel and Matthew go through Pakuranga Heights School.   

I have an educational background as I am a trained primary school teacher with a Diploma of Teaching, Bachelor of Education and Drama Diploma.   I am now the Principal of an organisation, responsible for teaching, administration, financial planning and book keeping and overseeing all aspects of the organisation which has 500 students.   

I think Pakuranga Heights School is a very positive environment for primary aged children and have enjoyed being involved at a board level for the last three years.  I am still very invested the the school and support the staff wholeheartedly.  My main focus is helping to maintain a great learning environment, and advocating for our wonderful students.  Over the past six years in my role as Treasurer, I have applied for grants and have managed to secure good funding for various classroom and teaching resources. 

With my professional skills, a passion to ensure our school provides the best possible learning environment for all of our children, and my previous experience on the board, I believe I have suitable attributes to continue to make a valuable contribution to the Board of Trustees.  

Ms Rachel Makata

I am a married mother of two children my daughter is a current student at Pakuranga Heights School and my son finished his schooling at Pakuranga Heights in year six last year.

I have lived in the Pakuranga area for 43 years. I am currently employed as a Police Officer and I have spent my 21 year career in the Counties Manukau District. My policing back ground gives me an extensive knowledge of the local area its people and priorities.

I was educated locally and grew up playing sport and representing the local Manukau and Auckland areas. I love all sports and played netball, touch and rugby competitively. At the pinnacle of my rugby career I was part of the World Champion winning Black Ferns Team in Edmonton Canada.

Still with a passion for sports I now support my children at the local sports clubs, I have been an age group Manager for the Pakuranga Athletics Club and help out with my children’s rugby teams at the Pakuranga Rugby Club. I recently assisted in coaching the Pakuranga Heights girl’s ripper rugby team at an Auckland Competition.

I come from a family of educators and strongly support quality, free education for our children. Our school is very multi-cultural which is reflective of our growing community. I am married to a Niuean and I am confident that I have a good knowledge of other cultures and beliefs. I speak three languages and am currently learning Te Reo Maori.

I believe that I would be a good representative of both parents and the community equally and it would be an honour to remain as a member of the school’s Board of Trustees for a second three year term.

Mr Matthew Franetovic

I am a father of 4.  My youngest son is in year 2 here at Pakuranga Heights Primary School. I have 3 daughters aged 10, 13 and 18 and my stepson is 17 who is a past student at Pakuranga Heights Primary School.

I originally trained in automotive mechanics, but then made the switch to building industry. Since our son was a baby I have been a stay at home dad with some weekend and occasional evening jobs.  I enjoy being in the outdoors as well as playing and being involved with sports such as the Pakuranga Rugby League Club where my youngest child plays league.

I am currently on the Pakuranga Heights PTA so you may recognize me from fundraising events.

I am a huge supporter of the Walking School Bus (WSB) initiative and through this, recognized the safety issues with the Reeves Road zebra crossing, it was also through WSB that I had the opportunity to speak with the M.P for Pakuranga, Simeon Brown, about my concerns with the crossing, in an effort to make this a safer crossing for our school children and wider community.

Last year I helped with the demolition of the senior school playground by dismantling, disposing the old structures as well as advertising the equipment that still had life in it. This avoided a costly removal company doing the job and the PTA also got some extra money from the sale of the equipment.

I am a real problem solver who likes think outside of the box who is not afraid of hard work.

In general, I’m just your normal kiwi dad who completely supports teachers. I genuinely have our school and its students best interests at heart. I believe every child deserves to have the best education possible to help them develop and become the future of New Zealand. I want to have a positive impact in whatever I’m involved in and I have the time to help.

Matt Robertson

Pakuranga Heights is a massive part of my family’s life, and I want to help it all I can. My kids Abi and Calum both go and love it, and my wife has been a teacher there since 2015. I have played an active role in the PTA and have helped drive one of the excellent walking school buses.

I work in stakeholder and communications management, dealing with local communities, elected representatives, businesses, media and iwi to ensure infrastructure projects are a success, and I regularly deal with schools as they at the heart of most communities.

Great schools like Pakuranga Heights are the result of great staff, great management and great parents, all supported by their community. Put these together we get great kids. But they all need to work together – as a trustee I will work to improve communication and understanding across the school community.

Pak Heights kids are special – they have character, love to have a go at challenges and support each other, and the school’s positive attitude has a lot to do with that.

As a husband of a teacher, I am aware of the problems teachers face, and how a positive school culture like Pakuranga Heights’ helps teachers meet those challenges. The positivity of the staff room doesn’t stay there – it follows the teacher into the classroom and then comes home with our kids. I want to ensure our culture stays strong, and continues to help develop great young people.

I am passionate about science, not just because I personally enjoy it, but because it is vital to our children’s futures. So I want to support opportunities for the school around science and engineering. We need to give our teachers opportunities to inspire our next Rocket Labs, but perhaps more importantly support the practical skills, good health choices and financial literacy maths and science support.

But of course this does not mean we forget what the school already does really well – Pakuranga Heights arts and sports programmes are key to growing kids that will give things a go, and the school’s celebration of our community’s diversity teaches more than tolerance – it helps kids realise there are many ways of looking at life and its challenges.

Alex Winter

I am standing for the Pakuranga Heights School Board. I have two children at Pakuranga Heights – my son Liam is Year 4 and Hannah started this year as a Year 1. My wife Amanda previously served as PTA Secretary in 2016 and 2017. We’ve lived in the area since 2011 and I work as a Senior Product Manager in Mt Wellington. I coach kid’s soccer at Fencibles during the winter and cricket in the summer at Pakuranga Cricket Club.

I am standing for the School Board of Trustees as I am passionate about the importance of education and about Pakuranga Heights as a community of students, teachers, support staff and parents. I have been impressed with the school since the very first time Amanda and I came for a school visit before Liam started in 2015 – this is a fantastic place that brings together so many people of different backgrounds and embraces them all with positive values and with a goal of having our kids leave both improved and inspired. I am proud to be part of this community and what it stands for and I feel I have the skills, knowledge and background to assist in improving and strengthening it. 

My working career has given me extensive experience in planning and strategy, resourcing, funding, people management, large scale projects and working with lots of stakeholders. I enjoy being part of a team with a common purpose and am able to take the lead when it is necessary to get things done. I’m a good communicator and a person who seeks the best outcome in every situation. These are the sorts of skills and attitude that will allow me to make a positive contribution to Pakuranga Heights as a Board Member. My goal is to be part of a Board that ensures that Pakuranga Heights School as an organisation of teachers, support staff and facilities is in the best possible position to ensure that every child that walks through our gates has the opportunity to grow, improve, learn and be inspired every day.