Meet the Teacher

We invite you to meet your child’s new teacher on Thursday 29th February for a ten minute interview. The purpose of this interview is to get to know more about your child and how they have settled in, and talk about ways of making this a successful year of learning for them. Academic achievement will be shared in Term 2 at the three-way conference when teachers will have current assessment data.

Please book a time through the website using the code fv4vd or book through the office. 

This is an important time to meet your child’s teacher and share any information that will help your child have a great year of learning. Your child is not required to attend as this is a time for parents and teachers. They are more than welcome to play outside while waiting for you. 

School will close as usual at 3pm but if you want to pick your child up at 2.00pm you are welcome to do so.

As always we are striving for all parents to attend this interview. Your child’s teacher is likely to contact you over the next week if you have not made an appointment. We look forward to ‘reaching new heights together’ to ensure your child has a great year of learning.

Family Picnic

All families are warmly invited to join us at our start of the year picnic on Thursday 22nd February from 4-7pm. BYO refreshements or take advantage of the PTA BBQ and pizza sales and Mr Whippy ice creams. Free bouncy castles and games to keep everyone entertained. 

Please note this is a family event and students should not be attending alone. The back gate will be open to allow additional access to the school grounds.

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