Guitar and Ukulele Lessons

Guitar and ukulele lessons are available at Pakuranga Heights School. The lessons are half an hour group lessons.
If you are interested in the lessons or would like more information please contact Jordan.

Mobile: 021 132 7024
email: jordan.morrison@musiqhub.co.nz

Specialist Musical Instruments

Musiqhub also have other music lessons outside of our school such as:

  • Flute
  • Clarinet
  • Saxophone
  • Trumpet
  • Drums & percussion

For further information on this specialist tuition please contact Musiqhub webite www.musiqhub.co.nz

Wednesday afternoons from 3.15-4.15pm Kelly Sports is located in over 20 regions throughout New Zealand. Each term Kelly Sports offers after school sports programmes to children at a number of schools in these areas. These take place at the children’s own school grounds so they don’t need to travel to their after school activity. Programmes run one day a week from 3pm to 4pm. This means parents have an hour extra before they need to collect their child from school. Our most popular programme is MULTISPORT where children get to participate in a range of sports. Beginners programmes that teach children the basics of kicking, throwing, catching, striking, running and jumping are also available at lunchtimes in some schools throughout the country. Some examples of some of their sports programmes are listed below

  • Multisport Madness
  • Ball Blitz
  • Fantastic Football
  • Circus Fun
  • Fitness Fun
  • Kelly Sports Academy Programme
  • Howzat Cricket
  • Super Skills
  • Fundamental Skills
  • Bouncing Ball Basics

Lyn & Pat Flavell
Phone: (09) 292-2224
Email: pat@kellysports.co.nz
Info/Cancellation:  022-882-1164